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A little about us...

We are located at the Blue Bridge Centre on the outskirts of Aycliffe Business Park where we have always been based.

Chapters was opened in 2008 and was originally 'Chapters Counselling & Training' and provided a mix of training counsellors and providing therapy services for 15 years. Since June 2023  we have been focussing solely on counselling, mentoring and supervision in order to allow for the founder to explore the next chapter in her story...

We now have light, airy and comfortable counselling rooms in the Blue Bridge Centre (above the Newton Press) and our rooms give us the perfect mix of seeing the sky and tree tops along with the comings and goings of life outside of our safe 'cocoon'. 

As well as our favourite face to face counselling, we are able to offer sessions on the phone or online if preferred


We have masses of resources that we can use if appropriate to support the therapeutic process, from paints and drawing to toys and activity sheets to complete.  This works equally well with adults as with children and young people so don't be surprised if we offer to use something a little different in sessions with you. There's no pressure don't have to use anything that you aren't comfortable with. Our younger clients often enjoy creating their own boxes that are very special and unique to their counselling experience with their therapist. At Chapters we are happy to facilitate this kind of creative work as well as engaging in classic talking therapy.

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