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A girl sitting on the river bank in silence.jpg
A girl sitting on the river bank in silence.jpg


Chapters Counselling is an established therapy centre based in Newton Aycliffe that has proudly served the North East since 2008.


We offer counselling to adults, children & Young People as well as clinical and non-managerial supervision. Our counsellors have a range of interests and training, allowing us to offer support to a wide range of clients. Please note we do not currently have any capacity for couples work.

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We are based at the Blue Bridge Centre,
St Cuthbert's Way, 
Newton Aycliffe
County Durham

We're always happy to talk so if you have any questions about our services or you would like to book in for an initial session, please ring, text or leave us a message on 07389 065887 or email

Update from our move 

We've settled into our new counselling rooms in the Blue Bridge Centre and we're getting used to not having students around the's a big change after 15 years of Chapters training counsellors but the time was right for us to streamline our provision and become simply 'Chapters Counselling'. 

Counselling is the heart of what we have always done, our therapeutic work with clients is what it's really all about...we have decades of experience between us and we just love the actual work of counselling. We are now able to focus on that more of the time and also spend more time shopping! 

Training counsellors has been a blast, I'm very proud of the work that our many students have done over the years and are now doing out there in their communities helping clients in the same way that we do. Amazing.

It's been a huge transition and the end of a significant chapter but change is important...

Poem by Liz Newman

Letting go doesn’t
always look how you think it will.
Sometimes it happens all at once.
Sometimes it’s in phases.
Oftentimes it requires a few tries
and heartfelt goodbyes.
Even when it’s good for you,
letting go is hard on a heart.
But like the changing seasons,
we will learn to change too.
In time, in time,
In time…



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