CPCAB Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies  (CST-L3)

This qualification follows on from the Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills and is the second level qualification required in the progression route to becoming a skilled, knowledgeable and ethical counsellor. This course is also usually 18 weeks long at Chapters and is run one evening a week (usually from February to July).

The course is designed as the next Level up from the Level 2 skills course so you must have successfully completed the CSK-L2 (or equivalent) to meet the entry criteria for this programme,

During this course we begin to explore more theory, practise more skills and begin to explore Mental Health as part of our awareness of ourselves and others. We challenge you more in relation to your beliefs, what is ethical and what could be viewed differently in order to help. You will get to experience what it is like to use your counselling skills with a partner in a 6 week case study and experience the benefit and thought provoking experience of Group Training Supervision.

At Chapters we really believe that learning should be fun and creative as well as challenging and just a little bit demanding!! We strive to offer you all of the above wrapped up in these 18 weeks. In return we ask for your commitment to attend a minimum of 80% of the course, to pay your course fees as agreed and turn up with a smile and the odd packet of biscuits (or sweets) to share! Just the same as your previous course!

This qualification does not give you the skills or knowledge to be a counsellor, It is the second step in the journey. You would also need to successfully complete the Level 4 in order to be qualified as a counsellor able to practise and become affiliated/accredited with a professional membership body.

Please note that you must be 19 years or over to study for this qualification

Learning aims of this programme:

  1. Prepare to work within an ethical framework for counselling

  2. Understand the counselling relationship

  3. Understand difference and diversity issues to develop empathic understanding

  4. Work within a user-centred approach to counselling

  5. Use counselling theory to develop self awareness in counselling practice

  6. Understand theories of counselling & Mental Health

  7. Use feedback, reflection & supervision to support counselling studies

Course start date and times:

Tuesday 28th February 2023 - 11th July 2023

5-9.30 pm  plus one Saturday (date will be negotiated with the group)

Cost £995

(price frozen from previous year)

The Level 3 programme follows the same assessment format as the Level 2 programme, There are both internal and external assessments for this programme. We will help you to build a portfolio of evidence as the course progresses that includes all of your written work, learning reviews (weekly journals), activity sheets and so on. That work will be internally assessed by your tutor and moderated by a second tutor or the course lead. Towards the end of the programme you will also sit an externally assessed written paper that is the second part of the assessment process. You must  successfully pass both parts in order to achieve the qualification. Don't worry though, exams can be scary and anxiety fuelling...but we've got you. We prepare you well and our track record is excellent. We make sure that you know everything that you need to know ready for exam time.

For those who wish to continue their training, we offer the Level 4 following on from the Level 3 so we're in the flow (so to speak). The Diploma course will start in the September after the summer break. Students who would like to be considered for a place are encouraged to apply early as we always have more applicants than places. We will give you information about the upcoming programme as the time approaches on your course. If you have any questions though, please ask. We always aim to offer a seamless progression route if we can, however moving on to the next course is not automatic. It's important that counselling is right for you and that you are right for counselling. We may ask you to do further study, have some personal therapy or take time out before accepting you onto the next level of training. This is always done with care and respect but ultimately to look after you and others and this is especially true when applying for a place on the Level 4 Diploma.

CST-L3 is accredited by the office of Qualifications & Examinations Regulator (OFQUAL)  into the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)

Qualification Number: 600/5104/8