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Why have counselling?

People come for counselling for many different reasons. Usually there is something that is making them feel unhappy, unsafe, unbalanced, uncertain, and many other versions of un…’s.


There is no right or wrong reasons to have counselling, there are ways of working with the whole range of un’s that people experience.


It is important to remember that all counsellors are different and they work in different ways with different clients. There isn’t one set way of working and we are led by you as the client - so don’t think that you are beyond help or support, together we can find a way forward that works for you.


Some types of issues that clients present with are listed below but this is not an exhaustive list – there are far too many to list and too many variations of each.


  •  Family or personal relationship difficulties

  •  Stress

  •  Sexuality issues

  •  Feeling low, depressed or anxious

  •  Not achieving potential – personally and/or professionally

  •  Lack of motivation, apathy

  •  Dissatisfied with current life situation

  •  Coping with loss such as bereavement, separation or divorce

  •  Lack of self esteem

  •  Difficulties in coping

  •  Decision making

  •  Facing unemployment, redundancy or retirement

  •  Coming to terms with physical illness or disability

  •  Desiring change